First Blue Justice Forum webinar held: The SDGs and Organized Crime in Fisheries

The Blue Justice Forum, facilitated by the UNDP’s Blue Resilience project in conjunction with the Blue Justice Initiative’s Secretariat, was launched on 27 August 2020 by a highly informative webinar entitled ‘How do the UN Sustainable Development Goals address and help to tackle organized crime in the fisheries sector?

Julia Kercher, Senior Expert on Governance and Peacekeeping (SDG 16) at the Oslo Governance Centre, presented on the topic followed by a Q&A session.

First Blue Justice Forum webinar

Attended by 36 participants from a total of 10 countries and IGOs, the webinar highlighted the imperative of cross-sectoral institutional cooperation in addressing organized crime in the fisheries sector.

In sum, the presentation underscored that:

The next webinar will be on 3 September at 11 CET, hosted by the Indonesia Ocean Justice Initiative. Information and registration here.