Blue Justice Conference 2020

Fostering Cooperation towards a Fair Blue Economy Free from Fisheries Crime

Join us for this international digital conference from 10 December 2020.

The opening High Level Event event will be livestreamed from studios in Oslo, Vienna and CPH and around the world on 10 December from 12pm CET.

In the days following the high-level event some of the partner organizations will also host several expert webinars highlighting different current topics related to addressing fisheries crime, which will target government representatives, academia, and civil society.

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The following high level participants will be speaking at the conference

The aim of

the conference

is to:

  • 1
    continue the momentum
    of those states that support the "International Declaration against Transnational Organized Crime in the Global Fishing Industry" (Copenhagen Declaration)
  • 2
    encourage new states
    into the group of countries supporting the Copenhagen Declaration
  • 2
    encourage operationalization of the Declaration
    through capacity building initiatives under the Blue Justice Initiative

Expert Webinars

Following the High Level conference event, various expert webinars will be hosted highlighting different current topics related to addressing fisheries crime, targeting government representatives, academia and civil society


Webinar 1: What are key governance and associated gender challenges to tackling organized crime in the fisheries sector?


Webinar 2: Challenges and opportunities associated with addressing economic crime in the fisheries sector with reference to the North Atlantic Fisheries Intelligence Group (NA-FIG) model


Webinar 3: Challenges of Large Ocean Nations on addressing fisheries crime, particularly in times of crises such as COVID

In Partnership

The Blue Justice Conference has been created in cooperation with:


Copenhagen Declaration

Why is the declaration so important?

The Copenhagen Declaration was adopted by 8 ministers on behalf of their countries at UN City, Copenhagen in 2018. It has since garnered support by 28 countries globally and continues to grow.

The Declaration maps out a cooperative goal-oriented political plan to address transnational organized crime in the fisheries sector. It is also the political basis and framework for the Norwegian government’s Blue Justice Initiative. With The Blue Justice Initiative, the Norwegian Government, in cooperation with other large ocean nations and UN organizations, wishes to find lasting solutions to combatting crimes related to our fisheries resources.

The Blue Justice Conference will discuss with colleagues from around the world the way forward towards fostering international cooperation and a sustainable and fair blue economy free from fisheries crime.


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